You can't join. Okay, done. Wait.. I can't say that? Ok. So here are some reuiqrements.

Join requests are not ******ing automatic. Don't ask. If you do, I'll give you a long paragraph about it.


  1. You have to be a member for more than  amonth, mmk? because we assume you're a sock puppet trolling account that must be banned from the fac eof the earth. It makes it so much easier for us to defend our web country from hostile and foreign attacks.

 You need to have at least 1 deviation uploaded (journals don't count) We're making sure we don't have spy infiltrators in our ranks. That wya people can't spy on our forums where we freely and indiscriminately talk shit behind your back.

Now let's get into the details: We have teams. That do things on their own and ignore your every feedback. Wait.. what do you mean we don't? Don't LIE...WHAT. Oh.. I should say that then. Fine..

So here are the teams:


We're looking for more team members who cna draw stick figures repeatdely. I don't care if they're shit or move unaturally. I'm lonely and I'm the only animator, okay?

You may use any program. Even if it doesn't save properly and come sout pixelated: gimp(lazy), sai(better), etc(meh), but if you are error chosen need.  Have access to gimp or sai (although access to something like Flash CS3-5 would be lovely).

To apply create a basic animation that's around 5-10 seconds long of a human character, ghave his head fall off. Make him grow a male reproductive organ, I don't care.  You can loop an animation as well. I don't care if the repetition annoys me, or if it's a talking turd with three lines coming out, representing dialogue, clearly you are qualifed. NO. DESTINED TO BE IN OUR FAMINE.


If you're interested in linefarting for the fanime, you need to have mexican beans and be able toshit out disproportionate anatomy as close to Juliana1121 as possible.

To apply, lineart these 3 pictures and post the link in the comments. [1] :thumb296713633: and [2]

To see how Juliana1121 linearts, go to the gallery/work file/lineart. TRACE what she's done. This is to test your own ability so we know if you can handle linearting your own frames.

Put exmaple here:

Put example here:

These are examples you can use to help you trace. There is clearly something there. Don't complain that there isn't in the comments.


If you're interested in coloring frames, like this: [3] (lineart is already finished, all you need to do is color it in, without shading, cry like  a baby and be a kindergartener. Because you have the easiest job in the fanime. And will neve rbe taken seriously. Now go do some work, pawn.) Please apply here. To apply, color in these three pictures:

[4] [5] [6]

You must use this for skin, hair, and eye color [7] If you do not, we will call you a communist scumbag, and send you to concentration camps for thinking for yourself and actually caring about quality.


If you're interested in shading for the fanime, please make sure you can use mspaint. That is all.

Please submit 3 individual pictures using this style. Within the group's gallery there are base colored files that are recommended that you use to shade, but you may use your own drawings.


I need people who are talented, special and amazing enough to create including (but not limited to) houses, stores, and streets. That is all you will do for the rest of your life. Now suck my eggs. 

To apply I would like to see two backgrounds, your mom's bedroom. And your dads's. 

Get on it, orphan. Heheheh.

Sound Effects TeamEdit

We expect you to have a studio, recording equipment and take time out of your industry jobs and epic time working on The Hobbit to work on our insignifcaNT AND BRATTY fanime. Do it, do it now.

Record at least 3 of the following samples: *A toilet flushing

*Splashing water *A man groaning *Farting noises.

Background Music TeamEdit

Those on this team will need to find usable VOCALOID music samples and be able to edit them.

UNDERSTAND COPYRIGHT. Only download songs illegally if you won't get caught or reprimanded.

1. Choose a song from any  of our reccommendations that we do not have permission for: 2. Create a short amv to the song using whatever anime you'd like. Sell it on Ebay.